Celebrate Your Writaversary!

2014, my writaversary year, marks 20 years of writing. My career began when a friend and I joined forces 20 years ago to create a series of childrens’ books. She was in charge of the illustrations and I was in charge of the text, which at the time was largely poetry rather than prose.  It was a faulty enterprise, but as we were seven, that was more or less expected. For me, though, the idea of writing became lodged into my head somewhere and I could never quite get it out. (As a side note, I didn’t want to be an astronaut myself, but was astounded that anyone over the age of 25 had not pursued this career path, obviously.)

Writing is my favorite form of self-expression. In a way, it feels like my first language. Speaking verbally has always felt like a foreign language to me, and quite frankly, I sometimes suck at it. Or, at least, I work really, really hard to do it well, and sometimes I am successful but other times I create my own language that could only be described as Stacenglish. I’ll be offering classes in the spring of 2015, and you, too, can become fluent in this confusing and somewhat useless tongue! I will teach you how to think of 20 different things at the same time, and then try to talk about one of them. It’s an art form, really.

I remember that when I first learned to write, it was like this whole world had been opened up to me at my fingertips, if only I could remember how to spell anything or write it clearly. Admittedly, usually I was in too much of a hurry getting my thoughts down to do either. I almost got a C in fifth grade English because of my spelling and handwriting. You see, I’m the kind of person who HAS to know the why behind everything, and the logic of why good spelling and handwriting are important took a while to sink in. Applying that logic… let’s just say it’s still a work in progress. Thank goodness for computers.

Anyway, to commemorate this festive occasion, I’m starting a blog. Actually, that’s a lie; I was going to start a blog anyway, but then I thought, why not make it a celebration while I’m at it? This blog is, after all, about celebrating -and creating- all those wonderful, textured, enchanting moments in life. I’m grateful to be able to write, and I’m grateful to all of the people over the years who took the time and effort to teach me how to write. I never want to take literacy for granted. So, feel free to celebrate your own writaversary and the people who helped you get there by leaving a comment (and if it’s not your writaversary, I promise I won’t tell). And don’t forget to take a look around while you’re here!


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