The Last Year on Earth

If this was your last year on earth, what would you do?

I asked myself this question a while ago, not to be morbid but to bring my life into perspective, and was fairly pleased with my own response. I realized that I had indeed had the opportunity to do quite a bit in my life so far. I have traveled through much of the United States, Western Europe, and Southern Africa. I have established good relationships and life-long friendships. I have learned to accept and love myself for exactly who I am. I have made a difference in the lives of others. I’ve genuinely lived, loved, and lost.  I have learned many life lessons and skills and created things with my own hands and my own talent.

I’m not saying all that to brag, I’m pointing it out because in spite of all of that, one thing stood out. I have not yet written a book. GULP. It has been my life’s ambition since the first grade. I think in a way, that’s why I’ve been avoiding it so fiercely. Sometimes it’s the things we want most in life that we are the most reluctant to go after because what if we fail? There is nothing more disheartening than failing at the one thing we want most. Nothing, except perhaps being too afraid to attempt it in the first place.

Well folks, I’m diving in headfirst into my favorite book idea. It will be a long, labor-intensive process, it may mean making some lifestyle sacrifices for a little while, and at times it will be emotionally draining. For all that, it may come to nothing. I should be terrified. Any sane person would be running in the opposite direction as if he were being chased by a Siberian Tiger, a Jehovah’s Witness, an IRS agent, and a tween singing “Let it Go” for the thousandth time all at once. As it is, I’m pretty darn excited. (Side note: in that scenario, you would most likely be mauled by the tiger before the tween reached the bridge of the song or the Jehovah’s Witness could hand you a leaflet, so at least you’ve got that going for you, although knowing the IRS you might still get audited.)

Stay tuned for more information about my book and the writing process. In the meantime, I ask you, if this was your last year on earth, what would you do? Take the plunge today by adding your life goals in the comments section. Happy living!

***No tigers, tweens, Jehovah’s Witnesses or IRS agents were harmed in the making of this blog post, although Stacey did endure the mental agony of getting “Let it Go” stuck in her head for several hours afterwards. Irony, anyone???


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