My Wedding Vows

sunset pic

So, I got married last month! I promise not to deluge my blog in wedding posts, but I did want to share my vows, as I think they speak to why the man in my life helps me remember to keep life enchanting:

Jonathan. As a writer, these vows should have been one of the first things I did, but truth be told I waited a long time because vows are serious, and we are always laughing and teasing one another.

But that, I realized, is what I wanted to include in my vows to you, because it’s why I want to marry you. I have a bad habit of taking things way too seriously, but one of the things I love most about you is that you always remind me to find life’s joy.

  • I love you because you took me to Toys R Us the day before my 21st birthday since it was my “last day as a kid” and told me you would buy me anything in the store.
  • I love you because you insisted I try octopus, but when I saw the finished product you had cooked, it was cocktail weenies cut into octopus shapes that were smiling at me.
  • I love you because when we went to the zoo, you narrated what you thought each animal was thinking in great detail. With voices. And made-up songs.
  • And I love you because even in the saddest moments of my life, you are the one person who always knows how to make me smile, and you make the very happiest moments just that much brighter.

Even though I tend to take life so seriously, you are a constant reminder to me that our relationship has been so much more beautiful because of fun and laughter, and that those things, too, can be an expression of sincere love, as they are with us every day.


  • Jonathan, I promise to hold your hand through life.
  • I promise to give you my heart, my faithfulness, my sincerity, my respect, and my joy.
  • I promise to embrace every day together with you as an adventure worth sharing.
  • I promise to get in snowball fights, and have fits of laughter, and try foods I know I will hate, to wander without a destination with you, and to be open to growth and change.
  • I promise to take a page from your love of gaming, and view every obstacle that life throws our way not as a threat to our marriage, but as a challenge that we can work through together, as a team.
  • And because I know how important it is to us, I promise to make having fun together with you a priority for all the days that we spend together in this life.

Want to see more wedding pics? Check out photographer Anna Bowser’s blog here!


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